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Home of the Triad Timberwolves and nine Oregonian Cup awards for excellence in academics, music, and athletics.

At Triad, our teachers use a traditional approach when instructing their students in core subject areas.  A scope and sequence is followed so that students' skills can progress from developing to mastery as they move through the grades.  Our students are assessed each April with TerraNova, a nationally-recognized standardized test used in K-12 classrooms.
Math Curriculum K-12
Bible Curriculum K-12
We love our Saxon Math curriculum!  It has been delivering proven results for students in grades K-12 for over 30 years.  Its incremental structure distributes content throughout the year and provides deep, long-term mastery of concepts and skills.

Our middle school and high school students have shown their mastery at various math competitions across the state.  Our middle school MathCounts team sent their top representative to the State MathCounts Competition in March.  Two of our high school students earned top awards in the OIT Math Competition in May.
Science Curriculum
Language Arts Curriculum
Social Studies Curriculum
Spanish Curriculum
Our beloved Spanish teacher takes our elementary students on a language adventure each week, incorporating games, literature, and art into her Spanish instruction.  Students from preschool - 5th grade are experiencing a head start in foreign language acquisition.  But language structure and vocabulary building doesn't stop there!  Our middle school students have the opportunity to take Introduction to Spanish as an elective which provides a great bridge to their high school foreign language courses (Spanish 1Spanish 2, and Spanish 101/102).