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Home of the Triad Timberwolves and nine Oregonian Cup awards for excellence in academics, music, and athletics.

Triad School Board
Triad School is a registered 501(c)(3) corporation and is a ministry of Bible Baptist Church. As part of being a corporation, the school is required by Oregon Law to have a Board of Directors.

The purpose of the Triad School Board is to act as a legislative body and to formulate policies for the conduct of the school. The primary function of the board is to seek the will of God and to serve as His instrument in matters concerning the school operation. Therefore, the board is established to 1) set policy for the School Pastor to follow and 2) provide the School Pastor guidance and oversight where needed.

One of the strengths of Triad School is that it is a ministry of Bible Baptist Church. Not only does the school have the covering and oversight of a Board of Directors, but it has the spiritual covering of a local church and the additional oversight of the BBC Elder Board. The added layer of oversight and covering helps ensure that major changes and decisions are reviewed closely and the school can do its best to accomplish the task of celebrating the truth of Christ while challenging students in a college prep environment.

Jill Schultz, School Board Chair
Kevin Kroeker, Senior Pastor
Jim Libby, School Pastor
Ken DavisElder Board Member
Lisa DeFord, Member
Donna Borror, Member
Marcie Kroeker, Member

Kathy CannonExecutive Assistant
Cathy Waters, Financial Management Officer