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Wreath $20
 Winter 2018 Fundraiser
It's that time of year again for juicy California citrus, festive poinsettias, and handcrafted wreaths.

You can easily order online. When Mother Nature decides the oranges are ready, we will post a pick-up date online.  Pick up all items at Triad School.

Handmade in Oregon

Available starting December 5
Thank you for your purchase and support of our school.  
Our mission, our students, our staff, and our programs are important to us.
Your support keeps us strong.
Christmas Blessings!
Grown in California
Easy-peel citrus
10-pound bag
See you in 2019

Grown in California
Navel oranges
10-pound bag $10
25-pound bag $20
early-mid December
Grown in Oregon
Sizes: Single $20, Double $30, Triple $40
Colors: Red, White, Pink, Burgundy, Jingle Bells, Peppermint Ruffles, Ice Crystal
TRIPLE ONLY:   Tri-color
Pick up on December 7
Mandarins $15
Oranges $10/$20
Poinsettias $20/$30/$40